How To Increase & Protect Your Commissions Income 
By Mastering The Probate Niche 
Without Spending Your Time In Long, Boring Classes

In Good Markets & Bad, Your Best Skillset Is
 Your Ability To Find & List Motivated Sellers Quickly...

Learn The Recession Proof Probate Niche & How You Can Get An Extra 
2-3 Probate Listings Every Month In Today’s Market....
All in 3 Time Respectful & Convenient 15 Minute Classes   

Question: How Do I know Probate Sellers Are The Most Motivated Sellers And That This Niche Is Recession Proof?
Answer: Over 2 million adults die every year and of those 2 Million, 1,820,000 own at least one property.
The majority of those who pass on are Baby Boomers, who are the largest population and have the most wealth.
Younger generations inherit this wealth, and not only need money to pay the debts of the estate, but need money now more than ever due to the economic crisis.
The Current Senior Population = Approx 115 Million, About 1/3 of the US Population 
Source: National Census Bureau
$17 Trillion in Nationwide Real Estate Inheritances will pass through probate by 2022 
Source: Estate

The Only 45 Minute Online Series That Can Show You How To List These Most Motivated Probate Sellers Is Here!

Question: Who is MTI Education and Why Aren’t More Realtors Working The Probate Niche?
Answer: MTI has certified over 11,000 Agents in Probate, and they’ve taught Probate since 2006. Mike and Molly Torres were school teachers, turned investors, then turned teachers again, but this time they started teaching Realtor’s how to work the probate niche.  

After realizing most Realtors think probate is difficult and associate probate court with attorneys and problems, Mike and Molly decided to share their success strategies in probate with Realtors Nationwide and started MTI Education in 2006.
Question: Where Do I Find Probate Leads?
Answer: You Can Find Probate Executors at your local courthouse for free (explained in the course) 
Question: What’s Included With This Online Mini Course and What Have Been Other Agent’s Results?
Answer: Included in This Online Mini Course is Your Opportunity To Learn:
  • Printable Online Worksheet For Each Class, Serving as a reference when talking to Probate Sellers
  • The 5 Specific Reasons Why The Probate Niche is Recession Proof, and Truly ‘Never Ending”
  • A Clear Picture of the Entire Probate Process, including Time Frames, Facts & Must Know Probate Definitions
  • ​Why 70% of All Probate Estates Never Require A Court Confirmation  
  • ​The fastest strategies to identify probate sellers who are READY to list and sell NOW!
  • ​The Five proven successful marketing strategies to get a listing appointment with a probate sellers
  • ​How to contact and communicate with attorneys and get access to their probate property inventory

Here Is How Working The Probate Niche Has Changed These Realtors Lives And Businesses:

8 Probate Sales in 4 months, 39 Total Probate Listings in 2.5 years! 
- Deborah Blue, Keller Williams Georgia
20 Probate Transactions With Over $200,000 in Gross Commissions 
- Andrea Shrink, LA California
"This is a great niche to work in real estate as it appears to me that there is NOT a lot of competition and there is lots of business."
- Vlad Diaz
"I recommend taking this class. It will give you great insights and a roadmap to marketing yourself and increasing sales."
- Paul Heller
"I have attended this class before and can learn new ideas at each training class. This has really helped me increase my business."
- Tom Fleming
"MTI was able to show me how to leverage my marketing tools and skills. I feel very confident now and trust them. This was the mentorship I was looking for and this opened my eyes to new opportunities for Real Estate."
- Christlande Estime
"Selling real estate is tough. You can be riding high one month, then feel completely stuck the next. I understand the outrageous stress we are under as Realtors, and probate is the key to having consistent monthly income."
- Brad Brinkman, eXp Realty, San Diego
When most realtors hear probate, they think... Courts, attorneys, problems, difficulty.
...And that is exactly why there is less competition from other agents.

Less Competition + Motivated Sellers =
Your Opportunity To Get 2-3 Probate Listings A Month

Probate Sellers Need Your Help Now!

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